A professional paint job not only transforms your living space, but also protects it from normal wear and tear and corrects stains and damage. We approach every interior as if it’s our own home and are devoted to caring for your interior environment. We will work with you to use the products that fit your family’s needs, including addressing clean air quality concerns. WIth every job we provide full prep and repair, devoted use of drop cloths on floors and plastic over furniture, and removal and replacement of window treatments, outlet covers, etc.  From touch-ups to whole interiors, you can trust your job to Good Guys Painting.


Services include:

Paint or Stain

Sealing of basement or garage floors

Restoration/removal of paint from old wood or brick

Drywall repair

Plaster repair

You want your home to look good. So do we. While an exterior paint job will enhance the enjoyment and curb appeal of your home, it also protects it from damage from water and ice. Investing in a paint job now can save you tons of hassle and expense in the future. And while we make your home like new, we will take care around your landscaping and hardscaping, clean up thoroughly, and get the job done right and on time.


Your home’s exterior demands a thorough job to keep it in great condition. For every exterior job we will:


Power wash surfaces to remove mold, dirt and more

Peel and replace failing caulk to protect from water damage

Scrape, sand, and prime all failing areas for best adhesion

Remove and replace rotting wood

Whether it is your home, rental property, commercial property or office, we get the job done right. With extensive residential and commercial experience, we can accommodate your job’s specific needs. Our commercial property experience includes large-scale projects, sub-contracts, new builds and more. We offer flexible scheduling to minimize disruption to your business, specialized commercial products and tools and a suite of maintenance painting services for businesses with ongoing needs.  From large-scale painting jobs to industrial coatings, Good Guys Painting has you covered.


Types of businesses we have worked with include:



Commercial buildings and warehouses

Universities and schools

Apartment complexes

and more

The art of house painting is in the prep work. Proper caulking, priming, and preparation of the surface for the final product will get you the professional-looking paint job that lasts. And if anything else needs to be repaired to get your job looking perfect,  we can handle it. In fact, you can call us for any minor home repair work. Our team expertly handles handyman work and is already on-site to apply any needed painting touch-ups. Get it done all at once and get it done right with Good Guys Painting. And if your job requires extensive home repair service, there is no need to worry. We can quickly connect you with our partners at Facilities Management Group to get the job done.


Repair work that we can do includes:


Replace rotted or damaged siding

Replace window and door trim, and more

Install beadboard, crown mouldings and more

Repair drywall damage


A garage isn’t just where you park your car. It’s your workroom, your storage facility and your hangout spot. No wonder you want it to look good. Turn your garage floor into a show piece with an epoxy floor system.  Stains, cracks, and other imperfections disappear and you are left with a great looking floor that is both beautiful and durable. Epoxy floors look great on almost any concrete surface - like your basement! And with tons of styles and finishes to choose from, you are guaranteed to get the look you want. We will help you pick the epoxy floor system that is right for you and take care around all your tools and supplies.


Epoxy floors are:


Water resistant

Oil resistant

Stain resistant

Easy to maintain

Extend the life of concrete

You love to entertain and relax outside, so keeping your deck in shape and looking great is important. Water, sun, and foot traffic all contribute to diminish the beauty and integrity of your deck. We recommend you have your deck cleaned and sealed every two years. Whether your deck is brand new or decades-old, we work with you to develop the right plan for your deck and home. And don’t worry about all the beautiful landscaping you have done around your deck - we will leave it looking untouched!


Our deck services include:

Power washing and sanding to remove unwanted dirt, stains and splinters

Replacing and repairing of rotten or warped boards to keep your deck sound

Staining and sealing to make your deck look great and stay that way


Your home is a sum of its parts and you need to care for all of it. Even concrete driveways require maintenance. Sealing your concrete and masonry surfaces protects them from exposure to Michigan’s rough freeze and thaw cycles, moisture, chemicals, grease and oil, and reduces flaking and cracking. An often over-looked job, we will work with you to resolve any problem areas and use the products appropriate to how you use these surfaces everyday. With help from Good Guys Painting, the care we bring to every job will maintain your home’s appeal and productivity for the long-term.


We can help you seal the following surfaces:


driveways and walkways

basement floors and walls

patios and pavers and more!